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Rete NCC Italia

Rete NCC Italia

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Rete NCC Italia

Tour of the most beautiful Italian cities

A lively, welcoming and full of attractions like Italy deserves a well-organized visit, possibly on uncrowded vehicles and without the hassle of the short time available. To fully admire the beauty of one of the most precious pearls in the world, you need to know its territory and the best solution is to rely on an expert driver who can guide you between the places to see.

Rete NCC Italia guarantees maximum comfort and safety at a high level: do not miss the opportunity to experience the extraordinary convenience of rental with driver in a country with an unforgettable charm.

We organize city tours that you can choose from various solutions, or customize them according to your needs. Clients visiting on business will be able to carve out for themselves or their companions a relaxing and engaging tour of shopping, culture and entertainment.


Renting a car with driver allows you to have a guide for excursions in the most beautiful Italian locations.

We offer the possibility to have the car and the driver available for several days to visit different locations always supported and recommended by professionals at your service and to make your stay richer and more fun, discover and experience the most suggestive Italian locations.


Shopping has never been easier.

If you want to go shopping in the city, free to travel every street in the center without the thought of cars, traffic and parking, with the NCC Italia network you can have a comfortable and comfortable car with access to the historic center and traffic areas limited.

Shopping tours are available for the main cities and outlets in Italy with convenient timed rates.

Rete NCC Italia
Rete NCC Italia