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Private tour from Trento to Lake Tovel and visit to Castel Thun

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This is an unmissable tour, between history and nature. A pleasant day to discover the natural and historical heritage of Trentino with your private driver.

Lake Tovel is the largest natural lake in the Val di Non and is located at 1,178 meters above sea level.

Its waters are of crystalline transparency and reflect the magical frame of the surrounding mountains with a spectacular mirror effect. These feed the Tresenica torrent which crosses the whole Tovel valley and then flows into the Noce.

The particular aspect that characterizes it is that during the summer season the southwest part of the basin was tinged with a blood red color, a very rare phenomenon that unfortunately it has been difficult to see for some years, in fact today we can only admire some photographs of it. epoch that show it a phenomenal red. This coloring is to be attributed to Tovellia Sanguinea, an alga present in these waters and which in particular conditions blooms so as to color the waters. But if on one hand this lake is absolutely spectacular, the whole valley is not less so, it has a wild aspect to the point of making it exciting and magnetic.

In the Val di Tovel there are dozens of paths for unforgettable walks that have always made visitors from all over the world fall in love, making this corner of Italy unforgettable.

This tour is a must, especially if those who accompany you are able to make you taste the contact with nature and discover incredible hidden glimpses. It will be possible to appreciate, hidden in the woods, the beautiful sculptures created by the Brenta Wood Art artists on pine, larch and fir trees. On this tour it will be possible to visit the house of the Red Lake, open only in the summer, and managed directly by the Adamello-Brenta Natural Park, where to appreciate and better understand the phenomenon of the reddening of the waters of this incredible lake and the natural wonders that surround him.

The Adamello-Brenta Natural Park is the largest protected area in Trentino, in the whole area there are 48 lakes but only 4 in the Brenta area.

The lake can be reached with our vehicle, passing through the town of Tuenno and from the vehicle, in a few minutes on foot, you can reach the lake shore.

In summer, although traffic is regulated and parking is subject to charges, we are able to accompany you directly to the place without stress or queues.

On this tour we will accompany you to visit the Thun Castle, a monumental building of medieval origin, among the best preserved in Trentino and always used as the main seat of the powerful family of the Thun counts.

This manor boasts eight centuries of history and is the most complete example of sixteenth-century military engineering in the entire province and considered the most magnificent of the Trentino castles.  Click here to find out more.

  • Departure hours 10:00 from your hotel (in the Trento area).
  • Arrival hours 11:00 to Lake Tovel for an aperitif.
  • Walk to the lake, followed by lunch in the restaurant on the lake.
  • Departure hours 14:00 from Lake Tovel to Castel Thun, visit of the Castle for about two hours.
  • Departure hours 16:30 to return to the hotel.

What is included in the tour

  • Aperitif at the Tovel lake
  • Entrance to Thun Castle
  • Toll
  • Pax for 5 people
  • Travel insurance

What is excluded from the tour

  • Lunch at Lake Tovel

Cost of the tour

  • Pax for 1/3 people € 385
  • Pax for 3/5 people € 440
  • Pax for 5/8 people € 495
Prices do not include VAT

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