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Smart Roads: SMA Road Safety innovations for safe and interconnected driving

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Smart Roads becomes more and more reality. Ministerial Decree n.168, called Smart Roads, has the objective of developing safer road infrastructures

Smart Roads becomes more and more reality. The Decree Ministerial n.168, called Smart Roadshas the goal of develop safer road infrastructure, promoting it exchange of information between the vehicle driver and devices installed on the road. Continuous interconnection will allow for a significant reduction in accidents while accelerating rescue procedures.

Italy that innovates

Italy boasts one of the most appreciated companies in the sector, SMA Road Safety, from whose production plants in Marcianise they left attenuators shock is side barriers used in major projects such as the Eurasia Tunnel in Istanbul or on the bridge that crosses the bay of Kuwait, 4th in the world in length.

Among the company's flagship products Andromeda, the first side barrier / interactive divider. Certified according to European Standard EN 1317 and soon also according to the American MASH standard, it is the first longitudinal barrier supplied already assembled and wired in modules of 6 or 12 linear meters that require only anchoring to the ground, guaranteeing procedures and timing of implementation - but also replacement - extremely reduced. The integrated lighting system in Andromeda gets better also the night driving or in case of poor visibility due to fog. Thanks to special sensors, the system is capable of alerting rescue workers autonomously and in real time, showing the exact position of the accident, while also warning motorists several kilometers before they reach the crash site.

The attenuators and barrier terminals produced by SMA are equipped with an NFC tag which, by connecting to smartphones via a special App, on the one hand guides the operators in the installation and maintenance phases, and on the other allows the Operator or Dealer to manage the inventory of products installed on your road section.

Follows "Geronimo", The monitoring system produced and patented by SMA that in case of impact against the barrier captures the video of the accident, records the license plate of the vehicle and immediately alerts the rescue.

Last born in SMA are Ermes is Taurus. The first is a redirective restraint device designed to protect the end part of guardrails and traffic barriers, and which thanks to an exclusive patent allows the correct absorption of the impact without creating encumbrances on the roadway. Taurus, on the other hand, is the first redirective impact attenuator specifically designed to make road construction sites safer. It allows to protect the New Jersey temporarily arranged along the roadway during the work in progress.



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