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Rete NCC Italia

The NCC Italia Network Project

NETWORK NCC ITALIA was born from the need of many Italian rental companies with driver to harmonize, with a NETWORK project, their collaborations, which until recently were limited to simple telephone relationships.
After a meeting organized in Florence, some companies present, enter into a "network contract", giving rise to a real Business Network, convinced that to face the competitive challenges of the market and the changes taking place in the transport system for people , needed a large-scale project on a national scale. The union of these companies, which have a long experience in the sector, consecrates NCC ITALIA NETWORK, market leader. The know-how of these companies has made it possible to optimize the management of services, making it increasingly flexible and efficient with the aim of satisfying the multiple types of requests.
Our goal is to become the ideal partner for anyone who needs mobility, offering the best of chauffeur-driven rental at competitive costs, with a fleet of recently registered vehicles and multilingual drivers, prepared and trained for every situation, both for business customers and Tourism.

The largest NCC network in Italy

In a few months RETE NCC ITALIA has become the most important Italian network of companies that provide chauffeur-driven car hire services, with over one hundred aggregated companies and more than one thousand NCC authorizations.
Together we plan investments and carry out projects aimed at the growth of member companies.
Thanks to a widespread presence on the national territory, from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily, RETE NCC ITALIA manages any type of service, guaranteeing high quality standards. Being also able to share means, structures and resources, we are able to respond, efficiently and promptly, to requests from customers all over the world.

Welcome to NCC ITALIA NETWORK, the network of chauffeur-driven rental, leader in Italy.

In Numbers, the Facts

Over 100 affiliated companies that design, implement, and manage rental services in a coordinated manner, with high-quality standards and uniformity throughout Italy. 

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Rete NCC Italia from March 2019 adheres to RetImpresa

Rete NCC Italia from March 2019 joins RetImpresa, representing a peculiar model of entrepreneurial collaboration "network”, for its widespread multi-regional presence, for the organizational structure divided by macro-areas and for the development and use of technological innovation.


January 2019

The "Rete NCC Italia" is born

From the idea of three entrepreneurs in the sector with long experience.

February 2019

Over 100 aggregated companies

From February they share means, structures and resources to respond efficiently and promptly to market demands.

April 2019

Adheres to RetImpresa

Rete NCC Italia from April 2019 adheres to RetImpresa of Confindustria, with a peculiar model of entrepreneurial collaboration "network”, for its widespread multi-regional presence, for the organizational structure divided into macro-areas and for the development and use of innovative technologies.


March 2019

Agreements with companies

It opens to agreements with companies and individuals at national level.

Savings, beyond the 33%
March 2020

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Customer satisfaction 98.5%
Rete NCC Italia