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Rete NCC Italia

Rete NCC Italia

Tailored solutions

Rete NCC Italia

Tailor-made solutions for companies and partners

Signing an agreement with the NCC Italia network will allow you to take advantage of the numerous "pluses" designed to make your trip and that of your employees more comfortable and at the same time cheaper.

Convention your company and discover all the advantages.

The advantages of the convention program

Agreed rates

Rete NCC Italia guarantees the stability of the prices offered throughout the year with the exception of reductions due to promotions and offers, but we are sure that you will not mind.

Absence of penalties

Sudden cancellations, travel changes, unexpected events and novelties are possible, for this reason the Rete NCC Italia leaves the company free to adjust the programs as necessary, up to the total cancellation without placing unnecessary and expensive obstacles.

Confidential conventions

You need to buy many transfers, tell us your needs and we will certainly be able to save you.

Special Week End

We thought to make these days, where working is heavy, lighter on the economic level.

Commercial proposals

An agreement with the Rete NCC Italia means everything we have listed, but above all accessing discounts and promotions that we periodically dedicate to those who trust their business with their work.

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Rete NCC Italia