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Rete NCC Italia

Rete NCC Italia

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Rete NCC Italia

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Join a stimulating team and find out how you can count on an important fleet of cars, vans and buses located in every corner of our beautiful Italy.

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Improve productivity and business competitiveness thanks to our operational support. We are a great team and cooperation is the basis of our success. Your experience plays a fundamental role in the growth of our network, continuously contributing to its need for innovation. If you are interested in being part of this Network, send your application with this form to the Rete NCC Italia, if your credentials will be in line with those requested by the NETWORK, you will have access to this area of the project.

The Network of Companies 'RETE NCC ITALIA'

The best of the rental with Italian driver!

Rete Ncc Italia is part of Confindustria's RetImpresa system

Rete NCC Italia