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Coronavirus, the NCCs in crisis against Raggi and the government: ready to take to the streets

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Tuscany: Regional Council authorizes service for basic necessities

In the square with or without permission if the institutions do not pay attention to the effects of Coronavirus on the NCC sector. The words reserved for Radiocolonna by Giulio Aloisi. The manager of theAnitrav - one of the acronyms that bring together Italian rental drivers - has clear ideas on the steps to be taken to prevent the NCC sector from collapsing.

"We have sent a joint document with the other associations to the Government to intervene in the NCC and bus sector which are in a black crisis for theCoronavirus emergency, but we have not yet received an answer - Aloisi explains to Radiocolonna - if we were not to receive the slightest attention, we would be forced to take to the streets with or without permits. For the first time, tourist cars and buses alongside ”.

A hit also to the mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi, who yesterday evening announced the opening of a table with taxi drivers to discuss the measures to be taken for the Coronavirus emergency. Result: the winter shifts of the taxi operators, linked to the low season, will be extended by one month in consideration of the circumstances related to Coronavirus prevention measures. And the NCC? Not involved in the initiative, with disappointment on the part of Aloisi, who wonders the meaning of the meeting convened at the Department of the Moving City of Rome Capital.

But the issue, in essence, is national and the anger of the NCC also concerns the measures taken in a leopard spot in support of tourist agencies and tour operators - also severely affected by the crisis - leaving out a whole tourist supply chain in crisis which includes tourist buses, guides and NCC.

By: Giacomo Di Stefano

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