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General Conditions of Rental With Driver

The car rental service with driver (hereinafter also the "Service") of the NCC Italia network provided through its Network of Participating Operators, is governed by these general conditions, the booking form and the quote signed by the Customer as well as the Information, in effect at the time of sending the booking form to the Customer, who has taken full and complete knowledge of it.

Rete NCC Italia places ethics and respect for the rules among its fundamental values and for this reason it intended to adopt a Code of Ethics that could represent the Group's "identity card".

The Code of Ethics can be consulted on the website, and the Customer, by signing and sending the booking form, declares in particular that he knows and shares the relevant provisions, refraining from engaging in behavior with them in contrast.

By signing and sending the booking form, the Customer also declares to have read and accepted the general conditions of rental with driver and to specifically approve the articles 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 , 13.


1 Characteristics of the Service

The Service is provided by independent Operators with many years of proven experience in the rental with driver sector.

Each Operator sets up an independent entrepreneur, tied by constraints of an exclusively commercial nature, without any relationship of dependence or subordination towards the NCC Italia Network, and responds on its own, without any solidarity on the part of the latter, of breaches or offenses committed in the exercise of the activity.

The fleet includes only top-of-the-range vehicles from the main manufacturers, duly authorized, with an average age of less than three years, all full optional, driven by highly professional and experienced drivers and, upon customer request, with adequate knowledge of at least one language. foreign.

Eventual tips to the driver are at the customer's discretion.

If the place agreed for the start of the Service is located inside airports, ports or railway stations, the driver will wait for Customers with the NCC Italia Network sign indicating the Customer's name, at the Meeting Point if present, or respectively at the passenger exit in the arrival hall of the airport, at the head of the train at the station, on the dock for the disembarkation of passengers at the port. In such cases, the driver will wait for the customer, free of charge and up to one hour (unless otherwise agreed), in case of delay in the arrival of the flight, train or ship. At the time of booking the Service, the Customer may in any case agree on a different meeting point with the NCC Italia Network for the payment of a supplement.

In case of unavailability of the booked vehicle, the Operator can provide the Service with the use of a different vehicle, of a higher or lower category. If the vehicle supplied, due to unavailability, is of a higher category than the one booked, the Customer will still be entitled to the application of the rate agreed upon booking.

In any case, the NCC Italia Network has the right to refuse the booking or the execution of the Service through the Operator, without motivation and after a simple communication to be given to the Customer by any means before the agreed term for the execution of the Service. .

2 RCA insurance

All vehicles are covered by RCA insurance in accordance with applicable laws. The vehicle RCA guarantees the insurance coverage of the civil liability towards third parties, including transported, animals or things (excluding those transported) with a single and overall ceiling at least equal to the minimum required by law. At the time of booking the Service, the Customer may in any case agree on a higher ceiling with the NCC Italia Network, against payment of a supplement.

3 Access to the Service and booking

NCC Italia network, through its Booking Center, will check the availability of the Service by the Operator, after booking made by the Customer.

For the Service to be performed nationally, the Customer must make the reservation with 24 working hours notice with respect to the deadline indicated for the beginning of the Service.

In the event of a Service requested abroad, the Customer must make the reservation with at least 24 working hours' notice.

The cancellation of the reservation without penalty is accepted with 24 hours notice from the appointment time. A cancellation fee of 50% of the service amount is applied to cancellations received less than 24 hours.

For cancellations received in less than 2 hours and in the event that the customer does not show up or refuse the booked service, a penalty equal to 100% of the amount of the service is applied.

In order to be accepted, the cancellation must be sent by email.

For customer cancellations, caused by unforeseen events due to reasons not under its control, NCC Italia Network may not apply any penalty (after receiving the appropriate justifications). In this case, the cancellation is accepted immediately also through the telephone channel.

4 Type of standard services

The standard rental services with driver offered by the Operators are divided into the following types:

  • Hourly Arrangement

The "hourly arrangement" consists in transporting the Customer to his destination and remaining at his disposal.

Rates depend on the time the car remains available and the length of the route.

  • Transfers

The "transfers" consist in transporting the Customer to his destination without any intermediate stop. Once the destination is reached, the driver leaves the customer and is not available to him.

  • Special services

They consist in satisfying the customer's demand for special services, national or international, with possible request for particular means. The "special services" consist of:

- Transport management for events, conferences and shows

- High representation and security services

- Car rental services with driver for weddings

- Tourist visits and excursions

- Night service for receptions, theater, clubs, etc.

5 Methods of payment for the Service and billing

Rete NCC Italia will receive all payments relating to rentals made by Participating Operators.

Payments relating to the Service must be made by the Customer via PayPal.

The total cost of the Service will be invoiced to the Customer by the NCC Italia Network using the data that the Customer will have indicated at the time of booking. The invoice will be sent to the customer by e-mail.

6 Customer obligations and responsibilities

The Customer undertakes to honor the commitments made at the time of booking, as well as to communicate any data and / or information that differs from those previously communicated.

The Customer undertakes not to provide false information on his personal details and his address.

For all legal purposes, the Customer's home is the one indicated by him at the time of booking.

7 Obligations and responsibilities of the Operator or NCC Italia Network

Any liability of the Operator or NCC Italia Network for loss and damage resulting from unexpected breakdowns of the vehicle, failure or delay in providing the Service, availability of vehicle of a category other than that booked, deterioration of goods, damage or loss of luggage or damage is excluded. of any other kind, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence. Likewise, any liability for damage to things transported or forgotten on the vehicle is excluded, except in cases of willful misconduct or gross negligence.

8 Charges

The customer is obliged to pay:

  1. the cost of the Service, which is determined on the basis of the provisions of the Contract Documentation by: (I) type of vehicle; (II) duration of the Service; (III) mileage traveled; (IV) rate applied by the NCC Italia network; (V) accessories and additional services requested by the Customer; (VI) any further specific customer requests. The cost of the Service must be paid in the manner and time required at the time of booking;
  2. what is generally due as compensation and / or indemnity and / or reimbursement as a consequence of the responsibilities and obligations assumed with the conclusion of the Contract;
  3. a sum as a penalty for the failure to collect the goods and / or goods found in the vehicle at the time of conclusion of the Service, equal to the costs that will be necessary for removal, storage and / or any return

9 Miscellaneous


In the event of an accident or accidental breakdown suffered by the vehicle, NCC Italia Network will seek another Operator able to provide the Customer with a replacement Service, subject to availability and without additional charges for the latter.

10 Accessories & Additional Services on request, subject to availability

  1. Accessories

At the request of the customer to be formulated at the time of booking, the following accessories will be available, subject to availability:

  • mobile phone
  • child seats
  • ski-rack

For these accessories a supplement is due the amount of which will be defined at the time of booking.

2. Out of hours services, Sundays and holidays

  • In the event of a request from the Customer for the execution of the Service during the night (21:00 - 6:00), on Sundays or on holidays, surcharges are foreseen, the amounts of which will be defined at the time of booking.
  • Tourist guide. At the time of booking, the customer can request the assistance of a tourist guide specifying the possible knowledge of a foreign language. The cost of the service will be defined at the time of booking. Any meals and entrance fees to museums are excluded from the cost of the service.
  • Foreign language driver. At the time of booking the customer can request a driver with adequate knowledge of English, or other foreign language, subject to availability. The cost of the service will be defined at the time of booking.

11 Termination Clause

The violation of even one of the provisions of articles 3, 5, 6, 8 will legitimize Rete NCC Italia to terminate the contract pursuant to art. 1456 of the civil code and for damages.

12 Competent court

The rental relationship referred to in this Agreement is governed by Italian laws.

The Court of Rome is exclusively competent for any controversy deriving from the relationships regulated by the "Contractual Documentation".

13 Translation

In the contrast between this version and the contextual version in English, the Italian one will prevail, of which the English is a mere translation.