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Ethical Code

Rete NCC Italia

Ethical Code

Rete NCC Italia believes deeply in people.

It is individuals with their intelligence and spirit, with their creativity and their values, that act as the driving force of a company, to be the keystone of success. Consistently, Rete NCC Italia invests in people, raising the attention to professional growth and personal needs of all its members.

Rete NCC Italia, in fact, has always been aware, and firmly convinced, that to achieve positions of excellence on the market, in no way can we ignore the well-being of the people who work in the network and the community in which the company operates .

Rete NCC Italia has therefore placed ethics and respect for the rules among its fundamental values, to be rigorously placed before business logic, and for this reason it intended to adopt a Code of Ethics that could represent the "identity card " of the group. The Code of Ethics is the manual of conduct of the Rete NCC Italia, of the corporate bodies and of all Group members; this represents an indispensable condition for establishing relationships with the aforementioned subjects. Being a Rete NCC Italia means respecting and applying daily the principles and models of conduct contained in the Code of Ethics. Living these principles and models of conduct is a fundamental element for the responsible growth of our Group, which aims to be an example of excellence for the Company. We need a commitment from each of us to make the Code truly effective.


Rete NCC Italia has as main object the exercise, through subjects connected to it, of vehicle rental services with driver. The role of the Rete NCC Italia within the market is not only that of a mere economic actor but also of a social reference in the sector of reference. The plurality of interlocutors increasingly attributes value, as well as the economic result, to aspects such as the quality, image, reliability and reputation of the Company in terms of ethical, social, cultural and environmental responsibility.

The need to establish and maintain a relationship of trust between the Rete NCC Italia and its interlocutors requires constant compliance with the laws.

Legal rules, however, are not always sufficient and must therefore be accompanied by a complex of ethical principles and rules of conduct, such as to guide individual and collective choices for the best satisfaction of all the interests involved. In the framework thus outlined, ethics assumes a primary role as a means of guiding the behavior of the corporate bodies and members, beyond and beyond the regulation of the law and internal procedures of the Company.

Compliance with the Code of Ethics is therefore an essential requirement in order to guarantee the efficiency, reliability and reputation of Rete NCC Italia, as well as the legality and sociability of the action in general and of the individual activities carried out by the Group. In no case can the conviction to act in the interest of or for the benefit of the Rete NCC Italia justify the adoption of behaviors in contrast with the current regulation, the principles of the Code of Ethics and the internal procedures that govern the various company activities and functions.

1.0 Scope of application

The provisions contained in the Code of Ethics apply to the Rete NCC Italia, to the Corporate Bodies, to the Members and to those who directly or indirectly establish relationships with the Rete NCC Italia itself.

Compliance with the contents of this document therefore constitutes a necessary and unfailing element of the relationship established with the Rete NCC Italia.

2.0 Purpose

This Code of Ethics regulates the complex of rights, duties and responsibilities that Rete NCC Italia assumes towards all the subjects with which it finds itself interacting daily in the course of carrying out its activity.

The following functions are attributed to the Code of Ethics:

  • the Code of Ethics is the express declaration of the serious and effective commitment of the Rete NCC Italia to guarantee the legality and correctness of its activity, with reference to the prevention of offenses and in general to the adoption of incorrect and / or deceptive behaviors and practices ;
  • the Code of Ethics, through the enunciation of general principles and rules of conduct, allows to recognize unethical behaviors and to indicate the correct methods of exercising the functions and powers attributed to each;
  • the Code of Ethics sets out the duties and responsibilities of Rete NCC Italia towards its interlocutors so that the latter can find in it a recognition of their expectations;
  • the Code of Ethics, by imposing the observance of general principles and rules contained in it, contributes to the development of an ethical awareness and strengthens the reputation of the Rete NCC Italia and the relationship of trust with its interlocutors.

The set of principles and rules of conduct expressed in the Code of Ethics must inspire the activity of all those who work in and for the Rete NCC Italia, taking into account the importance and distinction of roles, the complexity of the functions and responsibilities entrusted to each for the pursuit of the Group's purposes. Ethical orientation is an indispensable approach for the reliability of the behavior of the Rete NCC Italia towards its interlocutors and the socio-economic context in which the Group operates. It is therefore important to clearly define the set of principles and rules of conduct that Rete NCC Italia recognizes, accepts and shares, as well as the set of commitments and responsibilities that it assumes internally and externally.

3.0 General principles

With the adoption of the Code of Ethics, the Rete NCC Italia undertakes to respect, and to enforce, the general principles illustrated below.

These principles respond to the values deemed fundamental, shared and recognized by the Group, in order to promote the smooth operation, reliability and reputation of the Rete NCC Italia.

3.1 Honesty

All initiatives, activities and communications both internally and externally must be based on the principle of honesty which is an essential element of company management. In no case can the pursuit of the interest of the Rete NCC Italia justify dishonest conduct.

3.2 Impartiality and non-discrimination

Rete NCC Italia rejects, with reference to any kind of relationship established or to be established, any discrimination based on age, sex, sexuality, health status, race, nationality, political opinions and religious beliefs .

3.3 Loyalty and fairness

The conduct of any activity must be based on loyalty and fairness, avoiding situations in which the Participant is, or may appear, in conflict of interest. As a consequence, relations with the interlocutors of the Rete NCC Italia are based on criteria of correctness, collaboration, loyalty and mutual respect.

The corporate functions carry out their business in the interest of the Rete NCC Italia and therefore should not be subjected to any kind of pressure.

3.4 Compliance with laws

Corporate management must be based, both in internal and external relations, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, national and international directives and generally recognized practices.

3.5 Transparency and protection of information

The information relating to the corporate management must be complete and transparent, in order to represent truthfully and correctly the balance sheet and economic performance of the Rete NCC Italia.

Rete NCC Italia undertakes to inform the public and its interlocutors in a clear and transparent way, if required by law or deemed of interest, with reference to their situation and their economic and managerial performance and without favoring any interest group or single individual.

3.6 Confidentiality and protection of personal data

The information obtained in any way must be treated in compliance with the principle of confidentiality and the regulation of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data). The processing of the information and data received takes place, subject to information to the interested party and express authorization of the same, in compliance with current regulations. The information obtained will not be used for personal purposes or in ways contrary to the law or which are harmful to the interests of the Rete NCC Italia.

Rete NCC Italia ensures the protection of the information acquired in relation to the work activity provided.

3.7 Protection of competition

Competition is recognized by the Rete NCC Italia as an essential element for the proper functioning of the market and, therefore, it is an essential value of business management. Collusive, predatory and abuse behaviors of the position held on the market, in any form put in place, are prohibited, as well as any commercial practice or communication to the public that could qualify as unfair, incorrect and deceptive.

3.8 Protection and enhancement of company resources

People represent the indispensable value for the success of the initiatives pursued by the Group. Rete NCC Italia protects and promotes the value of human resources, also contributing to increase the wealth of skills possessed by each figure and promoting a sense of belonging and teamwork.

Rete NCC Italia recognizes as an essential factor of its organization the conservation, protection and protection of the Group's physical assets, monitoring and promoting the correct use of company assets. In particular, the Rete NCC Italia identifies an essential element in the corporate fleet for the pursuit of the Group's objectives, including customer satisfaction, and therefore adopts every initiative suitable for its valorisation, conservation and efficient management.

3.9 Responsibility towards the community

Company activities must be conducted in compliance with the community in which the Rete NCC Italia operates, in order to safeguard the Group's reputation and legitimacy to operate, in respect for people, institutions and any other economic operator. Rete NCC Italia therefore takes into account the needs of the community in which it carries out its activity, committing itself to contribute to its economic, environmental, social, cultural and civil development.

3.10 Protection of the person

All company activities must be based on respect for human rights, adopting and maintaining adequate management systems aimed at identifying and preventing possible risk situations for the health and safety of human resources and third parties in general. Rete NCC Italia is committed to promoting respect for the physical, moral and cultural integrity of the person.

3.11 Environmental protection

The environment is a primary asset that Rete NCC Italia undertakes to safeguard through compliance with current regulations on the matter (in particular, Legislative Decree 152/2006 - Environmental standards) and the constant search for balance between initiative economic and environmental protection, respecting the rights of future generations.

Rules of conduct that Rete NCC Italia undertakes to respect and enforce with the adoption of the Code of Ethics.

4.0 Relations with Customers

The relationship with customers must be based on maximum availability, courtesy, fairness, transparency and professionalism. All business activities and behaviors are oriented towards the utmost attention towards customers, with the aim of achieving excellent quality levels, with a view to the best customer satisfaction, also in relation to the processes that follow the sale of the service. Rete NCC Italia undertakes to use systems for verifying and measuring the level of customer satisfaction, in order to set up corrective and improvement interventions for the service and all procedures connected with the sale of the same. Rete NCC Italia also undertakes to respond to requests and complaints from customers and associations to protect the public of consumers, making use of suitable and timely communication systems. Rete NCC Italia, constantly increases its preparation and technical skills, in order to provide answers that are always adequate to the needs of its customers. In any case, relations with customers must take place in good faith, in compliance with the laws and contractual regulations of the service provided. Rete NCC Italia sensitizes its Customers to use the rental goods correctly and responsibly, in order to avoid damage or dangers to people or things, and punishes fraudulent or negligent behavior, towards itself or towards third parties, adopting every appropriate measure and ensuring a system of relationships based on maximum clarity, correctness and transparency.

4.1 Relations with information and communication bodies

Rete NCC Italia is committed to providing information and communication bodies with news that is consistent and consistent with company policies and programs, truthful, consistent with each other, transparent and non-instrumental.

To this end, relations with the press and with other mass media are the exclusive responsibility of the Rete NCC Italia President, also in compliance with the fundamental need for confidentiality that internal information imposes.

Information regarding the objectives, results and points of view of the Rete NCC Italia can be provided by the President of the Rete NCC Italia.

The carrying out of public interventions, also through information and communication bodies, participation in conferences and seminars, the writing of articles is authorized by the Rete NCC Italia President.

Rete NCC Italia supervision on compliance with this Code of Ethics

Rete NCC Italia has the task of:

  • promote the implementation and dissemination of the Code;
  • promote the knowledge and effective understanding of the rules of the Code by all Rete NCC Italia Members;
  • evaluate any changes to the regulations contained in the Code;
  • monitor the implementation of the rules contained in the Code;
  • promote the updating of the Code;
  • examine any reports of violation of the Code that may have been received, and by anyone who has received them, proposing the most appropriate sanctioning measures from time to time concerned;

Adoption, changes and updates

Rete NCC Italia guarantees that this Code of Ethics is constantly updated in relation to the conduct of company activities and regulatory developments. To this end, the Rete NCC Italia has the task of constantly monitoring the application of the Code of Ethics within the Group, as well as the evolution of the context in which it is adopted and implemented, proposing any necessary updates to the regulations contained therein.

Value of ethical norms and consequences of their non-fulfillment

The rules contained in the Code of Ethics have a pact value and are intended to be an integral and substantial part of all contractual obligations assumed by the Rete NCC Italia or towards the Rete NCC Italia.

For this purpose, a specific sharing clause and observance of the provisions of the Code of Ethics will be inserted or attached to the text of each contractual agreement that Rete NCC Italia will sign.

The violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics will therefore constitute a breach of the contractual obligations assumed and a specific disciplinary offense, with every legal consequence also in relation to the continuation of the relationship itself, including any compensation for damages.

Anyone who is aware of or suspects a violation of the Code of Ethics, can send a report to the Rete NCC Italia, via email at

Rete NCC Italia