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Bus hunting companies for the safe transport of employees

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Many companies are making contact with private bus transport companies to organize employee shuttle services as an alternative to public transportation
Marco Morino

Phase 2 of the industry also passes through mobility. In these hours many companies are making contact with private bus transport companies to organize shuttle services reserved for employees, as an alternative to public transport. The aim is to ensure a safe return to the workplace in full compliance with the basic anti-Covid rule: social distancing. «We have already been consulted by a couple of chemical companies in the area to study ad hoc transport services for workers. Before the health emergency, home / office or home / factory trips were made by private or public transport. But now the problem of security arises. That's why companies start thinking about new solutions ».

The speaker is Alberto Broggi, owner of Beta Viaggi in Bollate (Milan), a private bus rental company with driver. «Our company - explains Broggi - has 25 rental vehicles (coaches). Before the health emergency broke out, the turnover was derived for 80% from tourist services and for 20% from business services. Now with tourism blocked, corporate demand becomes crucial ». To guarantee a distance of at least one meter, a maximum of 25-30 people can climb on each vehicle, compared to the overall transport capacity of 55-60 people. So, we're talking about the half.

Giuseppe Vinella, president of Anav (National Passenger Trucking Association) also spoke on this point: «Bus transport can play a fundamental role in phase 2, both in terms of scheduled services, with an undifferentiated offer to the public, and in the case of rental the bus reserved for a certain category of people, as in the case of employees of the same company that organizes a welfare system for them that guarantees home / work transport and vice versa. These specialized bus transport services for employees - Vinella observes - began to assert themselves especially in large manufacturing and service companies starting in the 1980s, and then suffered a significant reduction over time due to the recent economic crises. It is now possible, as well as desirable, for employers to return to organizing this special mode of transport, also to guarantee in the best possible way the distancing measures envisaged by recent government measures ». And so the collective transport will be transformed into an opportunity and a flywheel of a gradual return to the desired productive, social and relational normality.

Come to think of it, it is a service similar to that organized by the Municipalities for the transport of home / school and vice versa of schoolchildren and students. It is good to remember, however, that public and specialized bus transport services have continued to "circulate", albeit to a lesser extent, even in this emergency phase and have already guaranteed compliance with social distancing and other rules provided for in the anti-contagion protocol. signed by Confindustria and the confederal trade union organizations at the invitation of the Government on 14 March, followed by a similar shared regulatory protocol for the containment of the spread of Covid-19 in the transport and logistics sector, signed by the transport associations, including Anav, and trade unions in the sector, adopted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

In fact, these protocols provide for daily sanitation and periodic sanitization of buses, differentiated regulation of accesses for boarding and alighting, distancing on board the bus between passengers and between passengers and the driver, making the devices available protection and dispenser.

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